Wear Cherish Early

It has been noted by a variety of testimonials that some women find that wearing the Cherish Panty Liners a few days BEFORE the start of their cycles helps to ease the pain and discomfort caused during “that time of the month.”  Scientifically, the negative ion strip begins to work in advance of the onset

Cherish Pads Size Information

Cherish Premium Sanitary Napkins are currently offered in 4 varieties / sizes: Day Pads (245mm), Night Pads (290 mm), Overnight Pads (320 mm) and Panty Liners (155mm).  Please choose the appropriate product that best corresponds to the volume of your monthly “flow” vs. your height, size or weight. While each Cherish pad has the same

Don’t Test the Limits

Although our super-absorbent polymer holds up to 300 times its weight in liquid, please do not “test the limits” of this science by over extending the time that you wear a single pad. While claims and testimonials have been made about customers feeling dry and comfortable for 10 hours or more and even “forgetting” that